Luxury Neck Cooling Cover

Luxury Neck Cooling Cover

Designed to integrate with our Luxury Horse Cooling Coat to provide extra protection and added cooling power
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The neck cover integrates into the main rug with strong waterproof Velcro fasteners with adjustable Velcro fasteners for a comfortable fit.

Studies have shown that the neck area of a horse overheats greatly when exercised. So, to maximise cooling performance we have the addition of an optional neck cover.

To find the correct size, measure from the base of the neck where the rug sits, to the top of your horses neck.

Medium: Neck length 64cm to rug join
Large: Neck length 79cm to rug join
X-Large: Neck length 94cm to rug join

Soak the neck cover in water, ensure it is saturated (the colour of the material will change to a darker grey once wet)

Gently ring the neck cover, allowing the water to penetrate through the layers to maximise results

Apply the neck cover to your horse

The cooling mechanism will start to work immediately, and can last for long periods as required

If in direct sunlight, the top layer will dry out quicker than the underneath layer, just place your hand underneath the cover to check if still cool before soaking again

If the cover needs to be soaked again, remove and repeat as above for optimum results

For ease the horse can be hosed down with the cover on, however, the cooling mechanism may not last as long

After use, before storing away, hang the cover to dry
When required the cover can be machine-washed at 30 degrees.

Before storing away for long periods, we recommend washing the cover. Leave to dry naturally, do not tumble dry

Once dry, store away in the bag until needed again

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