**New** Luxury Horse Cooling Leg Wraps

**New** Luxury Horse Cooling Leg Wraps

Designed to cool and relax tendons - perfect for travelling
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"These are a superb product! Easy to use and stay cool for many hours. Fantastic for keeping the legs and tendons cool post-race or work, and for travelling. I would not be without them! The best on the market."                   Sarah Humphrey. Racehorse trainer

The perfect way to cool and relax tendons in the heat and post exercise. Made of highly breathable material, they require only water to provide up to 5 hours of coolness making them ideal for keeping comfortable whilst travelling. No need for freezers, ice, toxic gels, or chemicals ..... simply soak and go.

Unlike other cooling leg wraps, ours will not dry stiff, or need water applying at regular intervals.  They are lightweight and less bulky compared to other leg wraps. The fabric is very soft and comforting on your horse. Fully adjustable Velcro meaning you can tighten as necessary.

Scientifically backed using Thermal Imaging provided by an independent equine specialist so you have peace of mind it really works. Suitable for all types of riders, trainers, and equine health professionals.

We recommend using for travelling; being stabled on a hot day; pre and post exercise; or while waiting for vets or farriers in the heat.

Leg wraps are sold in pairs.

Please note: Our cooling leg wraps have not been tested for turnout, whilst they do have a strong protective mesh, they may not withstand being rolled on, bitten or rubbed against fences etc. We recommend monitoring your horse whilst wearing to ensure it is resoaked when necessary.

Hose down your horse with water after exercise and before applying the cooling leg wraps, otherwise they may need resoaking after 20 minutes use.

*** Now available for shipment to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND ***



Medium - 35cm height
Large - 40cm height

Please see image gallery for full size guidelines

Soak in water, ensuring all of the material is saturated (the inside colour will turn dark grey)

Lift from the water, gently squeeze, allowing the water to penetrate through the double layer to maximise performance

Apply to the lower legs, the cooling mechanism will start to work immediately, and can last for
long periods as required

If they need to be soaked again, remove and repeat as above for optimum results. For ease you can hose whilst on, however, the cooling mechanism may not last as long as when soaked

When required it can be machine-washed at 30 degrees. Hang to dry naturally, do not tumble dry.

We recommend washing, hanging to dry, before storing away for long periods.

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